5 Back to School Dental Health Tips

Posted by: Hassey | Do Duy, on August 19, 2016

You’ve bought the fall clothing, picked up the new backpacks, and made sure there’s an ample supply of pens and pencils. But have you given thought to your children’s dental hygiene? The beginning of the school year is an excellent time to help your children develop strong, clean teeth by establishing healthy habits that will… Read More

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Top 7 Summer Foods That Are Great for Your Teeth

Posted by: Hassey | Do Duy, on July 20, 2016

With the carefree days of summer upon us, you may be inclined to pay less attention to your teeth. As dental professionals, we have one word for you: “Don’t!” Instead, we encourage you to brush and floss regularly while making sure you enjoy some of these summer foods that are good for your teeth: 1…. Read More

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5 Tips for Keeping Your Teeth White

Posted by: Hassey | Do Duy, on June 13, 2016

Do you want a white, bright smile? Who doesn’t! At our office, one of the most frequent questions we hear is, “How can I make my teeth look whiter?” To answer that, we’ve compiled a list of our top tips for whiter teeth. 1. Avoid Teeth-Staining Beverages It is with great regret that we tell… Read More

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How to Choose the Best Toothpaste for You

Posted by: Hassey | Do Duy, on May 11, 2016

Do you ever stand in the dental aisle of your grocery store and feel overwhelmed by all your toothpaste options? That’s not uncommon. While it’s great that these days, we have so many different pastes to choose from, too much choice can lead to confusion. Allow us to break it down for you and discuss… Read More

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Why You Need Routine Oral Cancer Screenings

Posted by: Hassey | Do Duy, on April 14, 2016

Do you avoid visiting us regularly? If so, we encourage you to schedule an appointment. We examine your teeth for cavities and gum disease, which can cause further problems when left untreated. We’re also your first line of defense against oral cancer. In honor of April being Oral Cancer Awareness month, we’re focusing on educating… Read More

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The Importance of Early Gum Disease Treatment

Posted by: Hassey | Do Duy, on March 14, 2016

Have you been ignoring the fact that your gums bleed when you are brushing your teeth? Allow us to tell you why that is a bad idea and what it means for your mouth. What Is Gum Disease? If brushing your teeth causes your gums to bleed, believe us when we tell you that it… Read More

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5 Dental Tips for Parents

Posted by: Hassey | Do Duy, on February 15, 2016

Children are like sponges, absorbing everything around them. At times, this is great—like when you hear a “thank you” or they do something cute. Other times, not so much—like when you hear a bad word that they picked up at school. While we cannot help you with the bad language (sorry, moms and dads), we… Read More

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Why You Need to Floss Regularly

Posted by: Hassey | Do Duy, on January 13, 2016

Does flossing seem like one of those things that you just do not have the time for? We hope not! If regular flossing is not high on your priority list, we would like to change that. Read on to learn why flossing is so important, how to do it correctly, which health problems are associated… Read More

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What You Should Do About Your Jaw Pain

Posted by: Hassey | Do Duy, on December 10, 2015

A bag of frozen peas against your face can offer welcome relief if you are experiencing jaw pain. However, it is only a short-term solution. Rather than heading to the freezer every time your jaw aches, we would like to help you solve this problem permanently. Read on to learn the common causes of jaw… Read More

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What Are My Options for Treating Sleep Apnea?

Posted by: Hassey | Do Duy, on November 11, 2015

Does your loud snoring have others covering their ears every evening? If so, you may suffer from sleep apnea, but do not worry – you are not alone. Sleep apnea is a disorder that affects roughly 12 million adults in the U.S., and we now have a treatment option that may work for you. What… Read More

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