How to Get Rid of Bad Breath

Posted by: Hassey | Do Duy, on June 28, 2019

Bad breath. It’s one of the biggest social faux pas’ people can commit. Bad breath is something everyone notices, and everyone is afraid to experience. To that end, there is a whole industry of products aimed at helping fight bad breath and stop it from happening in the first place. Unfortunately, not all of these… Read More

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Why Are My Teeth Sensitive?

Posted by: Hassey | Do Duy, on February 26, 2019

According to the Academy of General Dentistry, around 40 million adults in the US suffer from sensitivity in their teeth. If you find yourself avoiding very cold or hot foods because it hurts your teeth, you may be one of the ones with this condition. Typically, this sensitivity is a result of worn enamel on… Read More

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Vaping And Your Oral Health

Posted by: Hassey | Do Duy, on December 28, 2018

As vaping continues to increase in popularity among former smokers, current smokers, and even non-smokers, it is important to understand the impact of vaping on your dental health. While touted to be a healthier alternative to smoking, using e-cigarettes or vapes do not offer any benefit to your dental health on their own. What is… Read More

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How Stress & Anxiety Might Be Impacting Your Oral Health

Posted by: Hassey | Do Duy, on November 26, 2018

It’s common knowledge at this point that stress and anxiety negatively affect your health. Many people are concerned with heart problems, weight and other impacts of high stress and anxiety on their lives. One area of your health that you may not have considered when it comes to stress is your oral health. Unfortunately, stress… Read More

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7 Reasons Why You Might Need a Tooth Extraction

Posted by: Hassey | Do Duy, on October 22, 2018

Going to the dentist is not high on most people’s lists of things to do. In fact, some people outright dread or fear going to the dentist. Unfortunately, this dread is compounded when you have to get a serious procedure done such as dental surgery, a root canal or tooth extraction. While these kinds of… Read More

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Finding the Right Pediatric Dentist

Posted by: Hassey | Do Duy, on October 2, 2018

Parents know that kids are all about habits – good ones and bad ones. They also know that instilling good habits requires starting early and reinforcement at every opportunity. One of the biggest challenges for young kids and young parents is teaching good oral care habits such as brushing teeth, flossing or (the big one)… Read More

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Homecare Tips After A Root Canal

Posted by: Hassey | Do Duy, on August 22, 2018

A Root Canal is a high-level dental procedure undertaken to save a tooth that has experienced significant decay. In this procedure, the pulp and nerve of the tooth are removed which stops the decay from destroying the tooth from the inside out. This is usually done because a cavity has reached into the center of… Read More

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How To Know Your Wisdom Teeth Need Removed

Posted by: Hassey | Do Duy, on July 23, 2018

Wisdom teeth. Two words that most adults and adolescents don’t want to hear. They signal anything from pain and frustration to dental visits and surgery to high costs and financial struggle.  Most people don’t know enough about them such as how they work or even what they are. If you ask the average person, all… Read More

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Symptoms You Need A Root Canal

Posted by: Hassey | Do Duy, on June 28, 2018

Not everyone likes going to the dentist even if they know how important it is to their health. Whether it’s the sights or sounds or just the time spent, many people avoid the dentist as much as possible. Even though most dentists don’t deserve a bad reputation, one of the scariest things for people to… Read More

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Teeth Whitening: What Works & What Doesn’t

Posted by: Hassey | Do Duy, on May 25, 2018

Everyone wants a bright, beautiful smile that gives them the confidence to power through their day. This is why teeth whitening has taken over the dental industry and you, the consumer, are seeing the term everywhere. There are teeth whitening toothpastes, teeth whitening gums, home whitening kits, dental procedures, home remedies and every other option under the… Read More

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