The Benefits of a Dental Bridge Are: Restoring Your Smile

Your smile says a lot about who you are. But what happens when missing teeth mar your smile? That’s where a dental bridge comes in. Not only does it help to restore your beautiful smile, but it also provides an array of other benefits that we’ll delve into in this post. From the different types of dental bridges to how long they last and how to take care of them, we have covered everything you need to know. Say goodbye to awkward smiles and get ready to restore your confidence with a dental bridge.

Types of Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are recommended for missing teeth to restore your smile and functionality. There are different types of dental bridges to choose from based on the affected teeth and the mouth’s overall health. The traditional dental bridge is the most common type consisting of two dental crowns and up to three points anchored to healthy teeth on either side of the gap. A Cantilever bridge uses only one dental crown and up to three points when aesthetically advisable, or when a neighboring tooth already has a crown. Maryland dental bridges use porcelain or metal frameworks with “wings” that are bonded to the back of teeth on either side of the gap and are mainly used for front teeth. The most durable and long-lasting dental bridge option is the implant-supported bridge, which uses dental implants to anchor the bridge in place instead of healthy teeth. Your dentist will recommend the best dental bridge type suitable for your needs.

Benefits of a Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is an artificial tooth that is anchored to the abutment teeth (the adjacent teeth on either side of the gap). It’s a perfect solution for those who’ve lost a tooth due to decay or trauma. One of the primary benefits of a dental bridge is that it can restore your smile and give you a more youthful look. Bridges can also improve your ability to chew and speak, preventing other teeth from moving out of place. Compared to other dental procedures, bridges are a more affordable solution than implants and a secure alternative to dentures. Additionally, maintaining the shape of your face is also one of the benefits of dental bridges. The procedure is a quick, simple outpatient procedure that doesn’t require much healing or surgery, and bridges are an excellent investment that restores the appearance and function of your smile after tooth loss.

How Long Do Bridges Last?

Dental bridges are a common dental procedure. The lifespan of a dental bridge depends on multiple factors, including oral hygiene, the type of bridge, and the patient’s overall health. On average, a dental bridge, if maintained correctly, can last for five to seven years. Regular dental check-ups and professional cleanings can increase the life span considerably. Resin-bonded bridges have a high rate of success, with up to 98% lasting for five years or more. Fixed bridges can last over 10 years with proper oral hygiene and regular checkups. It is essential to practice good oral hygiene to keep your dental bridge and natural teeth healthy and functional. Healthy habits ensure the longevity and effectiveness of the bridge, preserving your bright smile.

Taking Care of a Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is an excellent way to restore your smile if you have missing teeth. However, to keep your bridge functioning well for years, you must take good care of it. Proper maintenance includes regular brushing and flossing, and visiting the dentist for professional cleanings. Chewing on hard items like pens, candies or even ice can lead to bridge failure. If you grind your teeth, consult your dentist about getting fitted with a night guard to protect the bridge. It is also important to note that getting a dental bridge requires at least two procedures, and impressions of your teeth will be taken to ensure a perfect fit.

Restoring Your Smile with a Dental Bridge

Tooth loss can be a lengthy and upsetting process, making many individuals insecure about their smile. Fortunately, dental bridges can help restore your smile and improve your quality of life. A dental bridge is a permanent solution custom-made for you to fill the gap created by a single missing tooth or multiple missing teeth. It can restore your smile by improving your appearance, chewing, and speech. Dental bridges also help prevent remaining teeth from moving around and maintain the natural shape of your face. Unlike dental implants, a dental bridge procedure is a quick and simple outpatient procedure. In short, dental bridges don’t just make your smile look more natural and appealing; they also enhance your oral health and overall well-being.


Having a dental bridge will not only aid in restoring your smile but also in maintaining the overall health of your mouth. With benefits such as aesthetic improvements, better chewing ability, and reduced risk of further complications, getting a dental bridge is an effective solution for missing teeth. Remember that getting the correct type of dental bridge for your individual needs, taking good care of it, and having regular dental check-ups can positively impact the longevity of the bridge. Contact our dental experts at Hassey Do Duy to explore which dental treatment is right for you. Call us today to schedule an initial appointment.

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