Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Root Canals

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There are certain myths out in the world, perpetuated by TV, movies, or pop culture, leading people to believe things that were either never true or haven’t been true in a long time. Typically, many of these myths revolve around healthcare or dental work. One of the biggest medical misconceptions people have is about root canals.

Think about a root canal on TV. The person is inevitably in pain; their head is wrapped up and they’re stuck at home for days. The good news is, this may be the most outdated medical myth in the world. These days, a root canal is as easy as a filling or a crown and lets you get back to your life as quickly as possible.

How Does a Root Canal Work?

Sometimes bacteria collects in the grooves of your teeth and causes damage. Many times, this damage is caught early and fixed with fillings. Other times, that damage goes deep into the tooth near the nerve. This damage requires extreme measures to fix and that’s where the root canal comes in.

The damaged part of the tooth is removed, all the way down to the nerve. The cavity is cleaned, then filled with a special filling. Depending on how much tooth structure is removed, a crown may be placed over the tooth. This process takes a few hours, and depending on the crown needed, one or two visits.

What Happens After a Root Canal?

Surprisingly, many of the myths about root canals revolve around what happens after you get one. Here are a few myths about root canals that everyone needs to know and avoid:

  • Root canals are worse than tooth extractions – A tooth extraction is one of the most traumatic procedures done, and should only be used as a worst-case scenario. Root canals are the best treatment for decay in the nerves, and expose your mouth to much less bacteria than a full extraction.
  • The benefits of a root canal are temporary – Many root canals go hand-in-hand with a crown. This piece of the treatment is the cause of this myth. A root canal finished with a bad crown gave way to the myth that root canals are only temporary. A root canal is permanent, and the work done to the tooth and the nerve cannot be reversed.
  • Root canals cause illness – This myth is related to the one about tooth extractions as well. There is misinformation out there suggesting that root canals expose your mouth to bacteria that causes illnesses. While it’s true that the procedure exposes you to bacteria, this is in comparison to a tooth extraction, which causes many more issues in your mouth.

How Do I Know If I Need a Root Canal?

Your dentist is the best source for information about your dental and oral health. While many problems can be solved with fillings or other smaller procedures, rest assured it’s not the end of the world if your dentist decides you need a root canal. Given the advances in medical and dental technology, root canals are a routine procedure that can help fix dental issues.

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