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What You Should Do About Your Jaw Pain

Posted by: Hassey | Do Duy, on December 10, 2015

A bag of frozen peas against your face can offer welcome relief if you are experiencing jaw pain. However, it is only a short-term solution. Rather than heading to the freezer every time your jaw aches, we would like to help you solve this problem permanently. Read on to learn the common causes of jaw… Read More

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What is the Cause of My Constant Jaw Pain?

Posted by: Hassey | Do Duy, on February 20, 2015

Dealing with jaw pain can be quite the burden! It’s difficult to eat and simple physical impulses like yawning and laughing can be an exercise in torture. Jaw pain is a hassle that nobody wants, but what’s the cause? Possible Cause of Jaw Pain? Jaw pain can present itself in many different ways, whether on… Read More

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3 Ways You Could Benefit From a Night Guard

Posted by: Hassey | Do Duy, on February 24, 2014

If you suffer from nightly jaw clenching, tooth grinding, or TMJ symptoms, you know how uncomfortable the side effects can be.  Self-care practices at home such as eating softer foods, minimizing extreme jaw movements, treating pain with heat or ice packs, or controlling jaw tension with relaxation techniques can sometimes ease the discomfort.  Night guards,… Read More

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Why Does My Jaw Hurt So Much When I Wake Up?

Posted by: Hassey | Do Duy, on May 2, 2013

Well, that’s a good question! Let’s see if we can get to the bottom of it. If you experience pain in your jaw in the mornings then it’s very possible that you are grinding your teeth (also known as bruxism) when you sleep. Teeth grinding can cause significant wear on your tooth enamel and can… Read More

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