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Not everyone likes going to the dentist even if they know how important it is to their health. Whether it’s the sights or sounds or just the time spent, many people avoid the dentist as much as possible. Even though most dentists don’t deserve a bad reputation, one of the scariest things for people to hear is the phrase “root canal.” 

Root canals are the most dreaded dental procedure, bringing to mind images of endless pain and weeks of suffering. The truth is much less scary. Root canals are a very common procedure in dental offices and patients do not need to worry about any long-term suffering.

What Is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a procedure meant to stop pain and save a tooth when it has experienced serious decay or damage. This damage refers to situations where the nerve and inner soft tissue of a tooth has become compromised in some way. Most commonly, this is due to decay from a cavity going deep enough to compromise the pulp of a tooth. Less commonly, a patient may have experienced an abnormal event or trauma which breaks or damages teeth including the nerve and pulp.

In the event of such damage, your dentist will drill into the tooth and remove the nerve and pulp. Finally, they will seal the space in the tooth and reinforce it against further damage, much like a filling. This is entire procedure is referred to as a root canal. When the nerve is removed from under the tooth, the patient will experience no further pain from that tooth.

Most of the time, the biggest source of pain from a root canal is before the procedure is even performed. The damage that makes the procedure necessary in the first-place hurts more than the procedure ever will.

Symptoms That May Indicate a Problem

A root canal is performed when the damage to a tooth is severe. Typically, this is because a patient has neglected an ongoing issue or has avoided going to the dentist for a long time. If a patient visits their dentist twice a year as they should, the dentist would notice cavities early and prevent them from becoming serious enough to require a root canal.

However, sometimes symptoms can progress quickly. There are a few clear indicators that might suggest you need a root canal:

  • Severe Pain – If a tooth starts acting up or you’re experiencing abnormal, severe pain
  • Swelling or Uneven Teeth – Swelling in an area of your mouth near your teeth or gums
  • Discharge – Liquid discharge from an infection
  • Extreme Temperature Sensitivity – Extreme sensitivity to cold or hot foods that is abnormal or localized to one area of your mouth

Dramatic tooth pain is self-evident. It is easy unlike any normal oral pain and is a clear indicator that you have to go to the dentist.

The Realities of a Root Canal

While a root canal is a serious procedure, patients should not worry about any long-term suffering or great pain. People report that the procedure was no more painful than getting a regular filling. Dental technology has advanced a lot in the last few years and root canals are no longer the showstopper that they once were.

The procedure is typically completed in one visit unless the tooth must be replaced with a crown. Either way, once the root canal is over and the medications have worn off, you will experience no more than typical soreness.

If you are experiencing drastic tooth pain or have had some uncomfortable symptoms like swelling and discharge, contact us today at Hassey Do Duy Dental for an appointment. Our professional dentists can help you with a comfortable, low stress root canal or any other procedure you may need.

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