Last Call! Use or Lose Your 2017 Benefits


With 2017 drawing to a close there is lots to do for us all. Holidays are approaching and end-of-the-year checklists are getting checked off. One task people need to remember are to use their benefits from their insurance before the end of the month.

With vision and dental insurance, most people have set benefits that expire each year. If you don’t use these benefits, they go to waste. This is why so many people are scheduling dentist appointments in December. If you or your family hasn’t used their individual benefits for 2017, schedule an appointment as soon as you can.

The Ins and Outs of Benefits

Most health insurance functions the same regardless of the provider. While certain details change, like deductible amounts, coverage limits or percentage of coverage, most insurance plans carry the same details. Vision and dental insurances have similar coverages, as well as certain limitations that medical insurance does not have.

With both plans, there are certain coverages that you get each year. These benefits are given in the calendar year and expire regardless of the amount left at the end of the day on December 31st in any given year. This facet of dental coverage plans is what creates the end-of-the-year rush in the last couple months of the year at most dental offices.

Luckily, December is the time when many parents can take time off work or that kids have lots of time off school. This combination allows everyone to get in under the wire and see the dentist before the holidays come up. If you haven’t seen the dentist for your bi-annual checkup, or need other work done, this is a great time to schedule and get it done while getting the most out of your benefits.

Getting Your Smile Checked

Maintaining a regular schedule of dental visits as well as providing self-care at home are the two biggest factors in maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Your dentist and their staff are able to spot problems early and take care of any issues you have, or ones you may be at risk for.

Bi-annual visits to your dentist not only provide dentists an opportunity to clean your teeth, but to also monitor the growth and changes in you or your kids’ mouths. If you’ve ever gotten a root canal or gone through other serious procedures before, you understand how valuable preventative medicine can be.

Most insurance coverages cover all or most of standard visits to the dentist, as well as many dental procedures you may need. Attending these visits with full coverage leaves you room to spare if you do need more serious work, as opposed to running out of coverage if you need lots of work done.

Appointments are filling up fast with everyone trying to get a visit in before the end of the year. If you have unspent benefits, call us today and schedule an appointment. Don’t let your coverage go to waste!

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