How To Know Your Wisdom Teeth Need Removed

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Wisdom teeth. Two words that most adults and adolescents don’t want to hear. They signal anything from pain and frustration to dental visits and surgery to high costs and financial struggle. 

Most people don’t know enough about them such as how they work or even what they are. If you ask the average person, all they know is that some of their friends have had to get their wisdom teeth removed.

Get Wise to Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are the last molars or large square teeth that grow into the very back of your jaw and mouth. They typically come later than adult teeth and bother people who are in their late teens or early 20s with some cases in their early teens. Due to differences in people such as the size and shape of their mouth, wisdom teeth affect different people differently with some folks never seeing problems at all.

Typically, a person’s mouth does not have enough room for these teeth which can cause problems. These problems, if left untreated, can get serious. This is why dentists advise extracting your wisdom teeth before they become an issue.

Through a little knowledge, regular dental visits and self-awareness, you can learn the signs that indicate whether you need your wisdom teeth removed.

Wisdom Teeth Problems and Concerns

Feel the back teeth at the top and bottom of your mouth. They are very large compared to the front teeth. In many people, especially young people, the mouth simply does not have enough room for another set of four of those teeth.  

This means that those teeth can come in at an angle or not come in at all. If they come in at an angle, they can damage the surface or roots of the adjacent teeth. While your teeth can move a little bit in your mouth, they typically can’t move enough to accommodate wisdom teeth which can cause other teeth to turn or become misaligned.

Other times, the teeth don’t come in at all and just wait in your gum line after they try to push through. This creates an opening for food and gunk to accumulate which can cause infections in your jaw which can become extremely serious or even life-threatening. In lighter cases, they can cause pain when eating or talking.

In fact, these signs are the best indicators that you have wisdom teeth that need removed:

  1. Pain in the back of your mouth
  2. Bad smell from your teeth even after brushing and mouthwash usage
  3. Teeth that have turned or become misaligned
  4. Trouble chewing
  5. Sinus pain
  6. Swelling in your mouth or jaw

The Steps to Good Oral Care

You already know you’re supposed to go to the dentist twice a year. What you may not realize is that part of those check ups involve dental x-rays. One of the things your dentist is checking is the position of your wisdom teeth if you still have them and whether they need to be removed.

They will guide you through your needs and let you know your options. Not every wisdom tooth needs to be removed. Some people have partial extractions and some people never have any problems. Unfortunately, for most people leaving the teeth constitutes a risk to your oral health which can impact your happiness, your smile or even your general health.

At Hassey Dental Care, we help provide top quality extraction services for those who need wisdom teeth removed. Consult with our dental professionals today if you’re feeling any of the symptoms described above or whether you’re curious for you and your family’s health.  Call us or go online to make an appointment now.

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