How to Keep Your Child Comfortable at the Dentist


Does your child find dentist appointments more fearful than fun? Although that isn’t uncommon, there are ways to help your kid feel more comfortable. Trust us—at Hassey Do Duy, we’ve gotten really good at putting children at ease. However, we don’t do it alone! As a parent, you can help by preparing your child for a great experience…

Model Positive Behavior

Kids learn by watching you, mom and dad. If you feel nervous about visiting the dentist, your child is likely to as well. Rather than expressing your fears, we ask that you remain positive and encouraging when discussing dental appointments with your child. And if your dental anxiety is so great that you can’t imagine being a role model in this regard, we have some tips to reduce your fears as well.

Drop In

For some children, the fear of not knowing what to expect at the dentist is what’s most frightening. Rather than allowing them to get acclimated on the day of their appointment, we recommend that you

drop in for a quick visit prior to that. This gives them the opportunity to see the office itself and say hi to our friendly staff. A drop-in visit can really help kids feel more comfortable and better prepared for their upcoming dental appointment.

Reward Them

In the same way that a paycheck motivates you to work, incentives go a long way toward helping children relax at the dentist’s office. For instance, you might offer temporary tattoos, stickers, or a later bedtime for cooperative behavior or being “brave” during their visit. This tactic is so effective that children will often quickly go from being afraid of the dentist to looking forward to their dental visits!

Choose a Kid-Friendly Dentist

Not every dentist is comfortable treating children. For that reason, you should select your family dentist with care. At Hassey Do Duy, we understand that children’s first dental experiences shape how they approach their dental hygiene as they get older. With that in mind, our dental hygienists strive to offer a fun-filled, positive environment where kids feel relaxed and at ease.

When you bring your children to our office, you can expect that we’ll display warmth and enthusiasm. We’ll also explain all aspects of the dental appointment, convey the importance of good dental care at home, and do a thorough examination for cavities and signs of tooth decay.

We recommend that children of all ages—and you too, mom and dad—have regular dental checkups every 6 months. Doing so allows us to spot and treat potential problems early on, rather than allowing them to worsen, requiring more serious dental care.

If you or your children are due for a dental checkup, it’s easy to schedule your appointment with Hassey Do Duy. Simply request one online by clicking here or by calling us at 978.688.4441. We’re happy to offer evening and weekend hours for your convenience in our Methuen office.

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