How to Get Rid of Bad Breath

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Bad breath. It’s one of the biggest social faux pas’ people can commit. Bad breath is something everyone notices, and everyone is afraid to experience. To that end, there is a whole industry of products aimed at helping fight bad breath and stop it from happening in the first place. Unfortunately, not all of these products work and not all of them are good, healthy alternatives.

As with many oral health issues, the right education and the right habits can stop bad breath and be a cheaper, better alternative than any expensive product or system. Today, we are going to discuss why bad breath happens, how you can fight it and what to do if it’s not going away.

Bad Breath in a Nutshell

There are two kinds of bad breath that most people experience. One is the result of eating certain foods, like garlic or onion. While no one wants to deal with onion breath, it is at least common enough that people understand where it comes from and how to stop it. There is also less judgment from that kind of bad breath.

The second kind of bad breath is the result of bacteria buildup in your mouth. It is most commonly found in the morning after sleeping throughout the night with your mouth open. The bacteria buildup in your mouth causes the bad smell and bad taste in your mouth. While brushing your teeth and tongue is usually enough to get rid of this kind of halitosis, there are some situations where it may not be enough.

What You Should Know About Bacteria

Fighting the bacteria in our mouths is a constant struggle for everyone. Whether it’s to stop bad breath or prevent cavities, we have to maintain good habits of brushing and flossing to prevent bacteria from causing problems in our mouths. One of the leading side effects of bacteria build up on your tongue is halitosis.

While some people are great about brushing their teeth, they don’t brush their tongue or forget that it is part of the equation. Regularly brushing your tongue is a great way to fight bad breath. Additionally, bad breath can come from the bacteria in your teeth if you don’t floss as often. This is why a good oral care regimen must consist of brushing and flossing equally.

Unhealthy Ways to Fight Bad Breath

One of the ways people mask bad breath is by eating sweet things or chewing a lot of gum. While these methods may adequately mask bad breath in the moment, they also result in people eating a lot more sugar leading to cavities and refreshing the cycle. If you are going to use chewing gum to help stop bad breath, make sure to use sugar free gum with Xylitol.

Long Term Oral Health

One of the best things you can do to fight bad breath is to drink more water. Dehydration is one of the leading causes of bacteria buildup in your mouth. While most people assume the opposite, dry mouth causes more bacteria buildup leading to worse bad breath. This is why staying hydrated can help because the more water you drink the more saliva you produce leading to your mouth flushing out the bad bacteria.

If you have persistent bad breath and you can’t get rid of it using any of these methods, it may indicate a more serious oral health problem. In that case, the best thing to do is have a dentist examine your mouth and see what might be going on. If you have persistent bad breath or just have questions about your oral health, contact us today at Hassey Dental. Our expert staff can help get to the bottom of breath issues and ensure the future of your oral health.

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