4 Tips for Strengthening Your Tooth Enamel

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When tooth enamel becomes weak your teeth become susceptible to problems like cavities, chipping, and sensitivity. While you can’t regenerate tooth enamel there are things you can do to stop the weakening of your enamel and help to strengthen and re-mineralize it to avoid additional damage. Learn how to keep your teeth in their best shape with these four tips:

Make Your Health a Priority

Conditions such as acid reflux, diabetes, stress, and anger (which cause clenching and grinding) can affect your tooth enamel. Keeping these under control through body awareness, medication, and a healthy diet can help keep damaging symptoms under control.

A lifestyle that includes a healthy, well-rounded diet is extremely beneficial. Foods that contain high amounts of sugar, starch, or are very acidic—such as many processed foods and drinks—feed bacteria in the mouth, which can cause decay. It is best to stick to a diet rich with whole foods.

Rinse With Water Often

By now we all know we should be drinking lots of water and drinking it often. Water keeps our bodies hydrated and also helps to flush out toxins. Drinking water will help keep a healthy amount of saliva being produced in our mouths. Rinsing with water after eating can also help to dilute the aftermath of consuming acidic or sugary foods and beverages.

Use A Straw

The less time sugary and acidic residue spends in your mouth the better. When drinking things like juices or sodas try to use a straw to create a bypass.

Brush Gently

Brushing with anything other than a soft bristled toothbrush can be harmful to the enamel on our teeth. While it may feel like you’re getting a deeper clean, less is more in this case.

With these four easy tips you’ll be able to keep your teeth healthy and strong. Being conscious of your health habits is the best way to keep everything in the best shape. Start incorporating these habits into your lifestyle as soon as possible and see the difference of a stronger smile – and don’t forget to visit your dentist every 6 months for a routine dental cleaning and exam!

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