4 Reasons We Recommend Invisalign for Adult Patients


Many adults want to improve their smiles with straighter teeth, but most of them stray away from the procedures to do so because they are usually concerned about the ‘metal mouth’ look of traditional metal braces. With Invisalign and other clear teeth alignment options, however, there are ways to improve tooth alignment as an adult without all the shiny metal and painful wiring.

Four Reasons Why We Recommend Invisalign for Adults:

1. Less embarrassing during treatment
Adults moving up in their careers often cannot afford the distraction of metal braces. Lawyers, sales men and women, management and other professionals prefer clear aligner options, like Invisalign, when appearance counts. Invisalign aligners are nearly invisible, even at face-to-face speaking distance. The aligners are also removable for the most high-pressure or intimate of situations.

2. Fewer food restrictions
Traditional metal braces often come with several rules about what not to eat, often including certain crunchy, hard, or sticky foods. These food options are restricted because they may get caught in the brackets and wires of your braces or even break the wire. Invisalign clear braces are removed when you eat, so you can eat anything you ate before the treatment began.

3. Easier for great oral hygiene to be maintained
The clear, removable aligners allow you to brush and floss your teeth as normal. You can also directly clean the aligners themselves. Traditional metal or even clear wire braces require a lot of effort to clean the braces and the teeth and gum behind them, sometimes causing oral hygiene to decrease. Flossing is especially difficult with traditional designs.

4. More comfortable
The Invisalign aligners are much smoother than the sharp metal edges of traditional braces, therefore making them much more comfortable. You can play sports and other activities without worrying about your braces cutting your lips. Your teeth also move more gradually and more accurately with Invisalign, resulting in less gum discomfort.

Does Invisalign Take Longer Than Regular Braces?

The Invisalign system uses a computer program to take an image of your current bite pattern and create a set of aligners that will move your teeth exactly the right amount. Only the teeth you want to have move will move, and by the precise amount.

By making sure only the force that is needed is used, the overall process is roughly the same as for regular braces. This method also creates less pressure and less discomfort.

On average, providers find that traditional braces and Invisalign take about the same amount of time, depending on each patient’s individual needs. A certain amount of self-discipline is involved with Invisalign as well. The aligners are removable, but the more you wear them, the more they can do their work.

Is Invisalign Cost Effective?

Invisalign had a reputation of being very expensive when it first hit the market. However, changes in technology and higher volume sales has brought the cost down in recent years. Patients of both traditional braces and Invisalign need to be seen in the office about the same number of times for routine consultations.

Costs, on the other hand, vary from patient to patient. Invisalign will often be very similar to or competitive with the cost of traditional braces. Many insurance plans cover both Invisalign and traditional braces at the same rate.

Where Can I Get Invisalign in Methuen?

Dr. Hassey and Dr. Do Duy are Methuen’s experts at using Invisalign and other options that discreetly give you the perfect smile you deserve. Invisalign is not appropriate for all patients, so contact us today for an appointment and consultation to find out if it is the right choice for you!

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