3 Reasons Why White Fillings Are Better Than Amalgam Fillings

Finding out that you need a filling is never exciting news, but you can rest assured that you’re getting the best service and quality at our dental office.  Despite what you may think, there is a silver lining to the situation, though (ironically) no silver filling.  Rather than offering traditional amalgam “silver” fillings, we offer a more superior solution: White fillings.  It’s easy to note the most obvious perk which comes with white fillings—a more natural, aesthetically pleasing smile (especially when treating front teeth).  But there are several other advantages of white fillings that not all patients know about.

3 Reasons Why White Fillings Are Far Superior to Amalgam

1) Strength in Bonding

White fillings offer a tighter seal and a stronger bond (no expanding or contracting of the filling material).  Because the composite bonds so well to the tooth, most of the original strength of the tooth is restored.  As a result, your tooth will be more resistant to fractures and can easily withstand the everyday stress it may undergo (even if it’s a molar).  You’ll also be happy to hear that the white filling composite will already have hardened and cured by the time you leave our office.  There will be no need to worry about waiting to bite or chew.

2) No Corrosion or Leaking

The last thing you would want for yourself or your child would be a faulty restoration.  Luckily, this is one thing you’ll never have to worry about with our white fillings; they don’t corrode or leak.  “Silver” fillings, however, can and do corrode which makes way for new decay underneath the old filling.  This can lead to a host of problems, the least of which is eventual replacement of the filling.

3) Less Drilling

Patients always love to hear this next fact:  White fillings require less drilling.  It’s true!  Less of a tooth’s structure has to be removed when using white fillings to restore your dental health.  Consequentially, your procedure is less invasive.  Preserving more of your natural tooth structure is always a great thing.  Whether you need a new filling or would like us to examine the integrity of your old amalgam fillings, we’re happy to assist you.  Contact us today to set up an appointment for a dental fillings exam in Methuen, MA.

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