3 Reasons Why Sapphire Whitening is the Best Tooth Whitening Option

Today’s tooth whitening industry offers several different products and techniques for achieving a brilliant smile.  Many of these options include teeth trays and over the counter products.  While these products can be effective, they can also be messy and time consuming (some requiring weeks of dedicated treatment before seeing results).  It’s important to do your research and know the benefits of your preferred whitening method of choice.

When it comes to Sapphire Whitening, it’s easy to see why this is quickly becoming the best whitening option on the market.  Sapphire is an in-office teeth whitening system that utilizes two main components:  1)  A professional grade tooth whitening gel  2)  A specialized Plasma Arc Light (PAC) which enables maximum curing and whitening power.  The gel composite is able to harden within seconds of its application due to the astonishing power and nature of the light. Consider the following three reasons why Sapphire Whitening could be the best whitening option for you:

Trusted, Established, and Proven Effective

An astounding 250,000 patients have undergone Sapphire Whitening with the majority rating the procedure as effective, affordable, and agreeable.  Dentists love this technology as well, and it’s now offered at 4,000 independent offices nationwide.

Better Results with Gel and Light

DenMat, an innovative leader in the dental industry since 1974, has conducted two studies to determine patient results with Sapphire Whitening.  As per the course of the study, each subject received two different whitening treatments on each side of their mouth.  Treatment #1:  Gel only.  Treatment # 2:  Gel and light.  The contact time of the gel on the subjects’ teeth was the same in both samples, however the results of the study conclusively showed that more whitening occurred on the side of the mouth that received both gel and light.

High Speed Performance and Results

Not only is Sapphire Whitening one of the most effective teeth whitening procedures among in-office services, it’s also is one of the fastest.  The entire procedure takes an average of just 30 minutes to complete.  Of all the things you could do with 30 minutes of your day to improve your dental cosmetics, this would have to qualify as one of the best—especially when considering the before-and-after results.

The Sapphire Whitening system is clinically proven to whiten smiles up to 8 shades.  That’s a huge difference!  Consult your own dentist and ask how Sapphire Whitening can improve your smile.

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