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Dental Crowns

Hassey | Du Duy utilizes dental crowns to properly restore the smile of our patients.

A dental crown is a cap-like structure that is used to cover a damaged or worn-down tooth. A tooth crown is used to restore the size, shape, strength and appearance of an affected tooth. At Hassey | Du Doy, we often recommend crowns as a course of treatment for:

  • Teeth that are visually affected by decay
  • Teeth that are discolored or significantly stained
  • Teeth that have been cracked or chipped
  • Teeth that are irregularly shaped or worn down
  • Teeth that have been altered by interior dental work

Hassey Do Duy utilizes a two-visit approach for dental crowns, in order to ensure that crowns are properly created and securely placed. An impression of a patient’s teeth will be sent to a dental lab to ensure that dental crowns will fit properly, and will closely match the color of existing teeth.

If you have any questions about dental crowns in Methuen MA, our dental team is happy to assist you. Please contact our office today to schedule your appointment!

Crown Procedure Before & After

Before Crown


After Crown