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image of child teeth cleaning at hassey do duy dental associates

Dentistry for Children

Hassey | Do Duy gladly provides dentistry for children and younger patients.

Working with children of all ages, our dental hygienists strive to maintain a positive, fun environment centered around dental care and oral health. We know that a child’s first experience in a dental chair is a critical component of how they will prioritize dental hygiene into their adult years.

Dr. Hassey and Dr. Do Duy recommend that children of all ages visit the family dentist every six months. In this appointment, our dental team will educate the child while cleaning and examining their teeth. During this annual appointment, our team will:

  • Take time to ensure that the child is comfortable and relaxed
  • Excitedly discuss all elements of the appointment, making the teeth cleaning a fun experience
  • Discuss at-home dental care with parents and children
  • Examine teeth for cavities and signs of tooth decay

At Hassey | Do Duy, we understand what is needed to build a lifetime of strong and healthy teeth. Contact our Methuen MA dentists today and schedule your appointment!